As an adoption agency/firm, networking is a key activity that is not only fun, but critical to your growth and business development.  Adoption is all about networking, building relationships and taking action. 

     Building a successful agency/firm takes a lot of time and drive, so it’s good to have a network of friends and associates to draw energy from and keep you going.  By surrounding yourself with people who share a similar drive and ambition, you are more likely to move forward as a group. 

     Please join us and your peers by attending the Thursday evening FAC dinner which is included in each of the conference registrations or can be purchased separately as a “Dinner and Evening Event” option if you want to bring a spouse or friend along that isn't participating in the conference. This year we will be having a Carribean Beach Party so get ready to limbo, hula, and who knows what else. 

     Please book your hotel by clicking on the Mission Inn Resort logo.  There is a group discount for the conference.  The code for online booking of hotel rooms is 1217G30; this code needs to be entered in the GROUP CODE box.  (Do not put it in the CORP box.)  Ready, set, GO REGISTER!

     And don’t forget, we will kick off the conference the day before with Adoption 101 training as an option or sessions specializing in ICWA and IAAME, so book your hotel room for that as well.  Registration for the add-on sessions are available now!

     If you register to attend one of the Wednesday add-on sessions, included in your registration fee, you will also have the opportunity to select from one of the following activities: golf, a spa service, skeet shooting, or renting one of the resort's pontoon boats for an afternoon on the water. There are a lot of great activity options (in addition to the pool) at this resort so we hope we can make the most of them. Plan ahead with your colleagues to enjoy a round of golf (groups of 4), take aim on the skeet range, or to pamper yourselves with a mani/pedi or another spa service.  This is a prime networking opportunity to get to know your fellow colleagues even better and see how we can work together. Discounts will apply if registering for attendance all three days! More details will be available soon so keep an eye out! Oh, and we know you will work up an appetite after these activities so come find other conference attendees at the local restaurant, La Margarita, and enjoy a meal, a drink, or some comradery! **Dinner/drinks on Wednesday evening is not included in the conference price. 


SKU Title Price
CONF-ATTEND-NONMEMBER FAC NON-MEMBER Conference Attendance $600.00
CONF-ATTEND-MEMBER FAC MEMBER Conference Attendance $500.00
CONF-ATTEND-SPECIAL FAC Multiple MEMBER Conference Attendance $475.00
CONF-ATTEND-DINNER Dinner and Evening Event Only $75.00
CONF-ATTEND-ATTORNEY-GOV DCF or GAL Attorney, Government Employees or Government Contract Providers Conference Attendance $0.00
CONF-ATTEND-Judge Judge Conference Attendance $0.00
CONF-PRINTED-Materials Conference Printed Materials $150.00
CONF-VENDOR Vendor Conference Registration $500.00
CONF-VENDOR-Meals Vendor Meal Add-On Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Event Per Person $150.00
CONF-Raffle-05 Raffle Tickets 5 Count $20.00
CLASS-ADOPTION101 Adoption 101 Class $350.00
CLASS-ADOPTION101-Purchased with Conference Adoption 101 Class - if purchased with Conference $150.00
CLASS-ICWA ICWA with Jay McCarthy $400.00
CLASS-ICWA-Purchased with Conference ICWA With Jay McCarthy- if Purchased with Conference $100.00
CLASS-IAAME IAAME with Steve Pennypacker $400.00
CLASS-IAAME-Purchased with Conference IAAME with Steve Pennypacker - Purchased with Conference $100.00