Adoption 101 Class


In addition to the regular conference sessions, Wednesday, October 24, 2018 there will be a special additional session available for a seperate fee. “Adoption 101 for 2018” is geared towards new practitioners who are wanting  to practice in  the specialized area of adoption law, Agency Directors  and employees  and attorneys who need to update their understanding of this ever changing area of law.  The climate has changed and adoptions are not as they were 20 years ago.   It is constantly transforming and shifting due to factors such as access to technology, the continuous re-creation of mind altering substances that are becoming more and more readily available to the population, societal pressures, economy, family structures and even the degree of the expectation of privacy.  While this is not a case law focused seminar, we will learn that prior cases have changed how and why, we, as adoption professionals, have to change our practice.