FAC Directors at Large

The Director at Large may focus on an area of particular importance to FAC — such as legislation, Industry Partners, or design community outreach—or serve in a general at-large capacity as needed.

All directors at large, regardless of any other responsibilities determined by FAC, are to provide FAC members with information regarding the Society’s professional standards and code of ethics and the proper use of member appellations, and to funnel reports of ethics violations and appellation abuses that arise within FAC to the government and the FAC board of directors for processing.

Other duties and responsibilities include:

  • Serves as a voting member of the FAC board of directors
  • Supports the mission, policies and programs of the Society and FAC as adopted by the board of directors
  • Ensures that all communications are conducted in accordance with the FAC brand identity and standards
  • Understand the FAC appellation guidelines, code of ethics and bylaws in order to explain proper procedure to members.
  • Follow procedure established by the board for processing member appellation abuses from within FAC.
  • Educate members about ethics and appellations.

FAC Directors at Large

Person Title Position
Mark Livings Director at Large
Mary Wheatley Director at Large
Angela Quick Director at Large
Ellen Kaplan Director at Large
Madonna Finney Director at Large
Christine Arendas Director at Large