Final Sessions Anounced!!

Robin Lavitch, MA,CPC will be coming back! Robin holds a Master's Degree in Psycology, is a Certified Professional Coach and the owner of

Shannon Carlyle, B.C.S., along with a few of her colleagues will conduct a panel discussion on Appellate Practice and when to reach out.

Kelly Ellison is returning todiscuss the Adoption Tax Credit, Crowd Sourcing, and other funding options available for your clients to use.

Lynn Banks will be speaking to a joint sessionon behalf of adoption scams and then will address the clinical track regarding open adoptions.

Nathan Gwilliam, owner of will also be addressing a joint session of attendees with a focus on Birth Father support! A much requested topic!

Carolyn Ashworth, from Creating a FAmily will be speaking on "Transitioning from Infertility to Adoption."

Mark Livings of Cairsolutions will be discussing Marketing 101- A Survival Guide

Russ Rossilini will be providining information on "Wounded Souls: Addressing The Trauma of Adoption in Clinical Practice" and he will be joining us on the adoption triad panal as well!

Deborah Siegal will be bring her knowledge of Social Media, the INternet & Adoption to you in the form of "Look Ma! I found my birth family all by myself!"

Donald Frenette & Mary K. Wimsett will be providing " A Persepctive from the Trenches of Dependency Court"

Heather Pincelli brings a unique perspective as the owner of On Demand Investigations as well as providing home studies- she will be speaking on. ""From GED to Master's Degree: Conquering the Foster Care System (and Beyond!)"

Jacqueline Garman will provide a personal persepctive of "Understanding Birthparent Grief" as well as she will join us on the triad panal.

Ashley Rhodes-Courter: author, advocate, and many more will be discussing "Motivating Change in Three Little Words"

As always, we will have a session on Case Law Update, and we are planning a panel discussion that will include all members ofthe Adoption Triad!

We assure you, this year is sure to top previous conferences and you will not want to miss this.


In addition to the regular conference sessions, Wednesday, October 11, 2017 there will be a special additional session available for a seperate fee. “Adoption 101 for 2017” is geared towards new practitioners who are wanting  to practice in  the specialized area of adoption law, Agency Directors  and employees  and attorneys who need to update their understanding of this ever changing area of law.  The climate has changed and adoptions are not as they were 20 years ago.   It is constantly transforming and shifting due to factors such as access to technology, the continuous re-creation of mind altering substances that are becoming more and more readily available to the population, societal pressures, economy, family structures and even the degree of the expectation of privacy.  While this is not a case law focused seminar, we will learn that prior cases have changed how and why, we, as adoption professionals, have to change our practice.

This course will teach you how to build an adoption from ground level. We will instruct you on avoiding pitfalls and updating your legal documents so that they are effectively preventing claims of fraud or duress.  This is a perfect opportunity for agencies to learn more about what their outside legal team needs to be doing when representing the agency and it's best interest.  We will be demonstrating practical practice procedures that will allow you to run your adoption agency or practice more efficiently.  We will also be lecturing on Home Study Requirements and the importance of your Adoption Social Worker.  This will also give all practitioners an opportunity to re-assess the roles that each play in an adoption placement.