When will the consent for adoption be signed?

Under Florida law, generally, the birth mother may not sign her Consent to Adoption until forty-eight (48) hours after the baby is born; however, Florida law makes one (1) exception for a birth mother to sign the consent to adoption earlier than 48 hours.  If the birth mother has been notified in writing, either in her patient chart or medical discharge release paperwork, that she is medically discharged, the birth mother then may sign her consent to Adoption on her discharge date and need not wait the forty-eight (48) hours.  With a c-section, the birth mother’s signing of the consent to adoption may go beyond the forty-eight (48) hours, as your adoption professional must ensure that the birth mother is free of narcotic medication at the time of signature.

Under Florida law, a man may sign the Consent to Adoption at any time after the baby is born, but never beforehand, in contrast to an Affidavit of Non-Paternity, which under Florida law may be signed at any time, even before pre-birth.